Thursday, April 21, 2011


The more I speak in my blogs, the more I use words to describe things, the more I feel that there is not much to say after all. It is quite a joke really. In the beginning, I had thought to be in such a place where words will always be there for me, to share, describe, find release in my own web and fabrication of words. This weave is beautiful to me in its own right and I wish to embrace it with love, honor and respect. It is a creation. However, after months of daily blogs, I find this urge for silence sneak into my being. In my daily routine, I seek silence more than once. Most often, actually when I feel overwhelmed with the many frequencies that come toward me from other people. That's when my heart and mind become very silent.

I cannot truly say, that when this silence descends upon me, it is because I am trying to hide. It is more the very opposite that is the case. In this silence, I am bringing in as much of my essence as is humanly possible, without harming my physical temple. It is silence that is alive in vibration, expansive, yet nourishing my innermost places. Sometimes the silence feels like a blanket, thrown over me by a caring hand. Sometimes the silence is a space holder, so that another can have their full moment of interaction. Sometimes, the silence is just that, Divine Silence. It is a sense of stillness that at the same time encompasses everything there is. It is rich, whole and untouchable. I seek this kind of silence quite often, for in its fabric lies eternal truth for me, that is indescribable, at least  in words of the language we share.

What it takes for this silence to descend, is but a simple alignment of my heart and will with the heart and will of the Source. This is but a natural impulse, a centering in my high heart chakra, the base of this 5th dimensional experience and perception. In this silence, I see the fertile ground for things to come. In this silence, I see the compassionate burial ground for things that have already been and gone. In this silence, I experience the eternal now. In this silence, I AM.

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