Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Greed and Abundance

If you are asking for abundance, it isn't really greed for material things that drives you to ask it, but the inner call to align with the essence of who you truly are, for abundance is your birthright, laid out and waiting for you until you claim it.

Friday, December 23, 2011

About Love

Undefinable, this energy has puzzled many a poet, scorned lover, new age lightworker and so on. The expressions of love are so manifold that it would take up the space of many pages in a book would I attempt to list them all. Love has been the cry ever so often. The cry of the peoples of the Earth. Humanity at large, ever so often cries that cry of love. It finds then expression in song, poetry, imagery, art in general. Logic is defied by the energies of love. Power crumbles and finds no reason to exist on its own once it has tasted the influence of love.

Christ consicousness was the seed of love that had been planted over 2000 years ago. That energetic ray has been anchored into the Earth in a spectacular drama that had unfolded the way it did, not the way it has been written about. It isn't so that love wasn't here on Earth before that anchoring, but the energetic ray and the subsequent matrix of consciousness of love (Christ consciousness) were only the beginning of the spread of love consciousness on Earth. Love was so sorely misunderstood before that time, and the corrections that were made in that understanding have all to do with Christ consciousness. Since then, the incline in love consciousness has been slow, but quite steady. Today, there are communities, linked through the internet, that cry love as their "battle cry" - still not quite understanding its real meaning, or essence, but at least understanding that it leads the way. The way into alignment with ourselves, our higher selves that is.

Yes, love is a way - one of many. One could argue if it's the best way. I don't like arguments like that so I'm just putting it out there vaguely. Love is a way. For one such as me, who has predominantly chosen the aspects of power to bring into physical form, love is there, but not as the main energetic signature. Love becomes an odd sort of energy then and although I too have tried to march on the path of love, I have found that marching to that drum is still marching to the drum of another. True alignment was not to be had and therefore I realized, I was not able to truly love myself, the very basis of what we are supposed to learn here, for if we do not truly love ourselves, how can we then love another?

I tread on difficult ground here, for self-love's jealous brother is found in the egotistical expression of self-importance or self-aggrandizement. Both meant to gloss over some perceived or real deficiencies in the areas of self-love. It's so very easy to slip into those expressions and cause a wreck any old day.

I've been letting review pass on my own relationships that require love. There is something that is common to each and every one of those relationships. It becomes very clear to me in hindsight, that it was a teaching - a life long teaching, or at least life long until I opened my eyes to see. At a very early age, I was confronted with the need to let go. Let go of people I loved. Pretty much every significant personal relationship I had entered into has lead to that very same point: having to let go. I have not once been able to hold a grudge. Not in my deepest grief, nor in my most ugly scenarios. All that I have been left with was pure love in my heart for the "departed" be they alive or not. It is significant in my opinion, to note that that love is purer than the love I had felt while being in these relationships. The love that remains is one that sings in such a high frequency, is so utterly self-less and clear that all I can feel is a deep sense of truth that love in and of itself is giving, yielding, fluid. To fear loss of love has become all but impossible for me because of that realization.

So many of us fear the loss of love. It is feared so much, that we compensate that fear with the very understandable reaction of hanging on, not letting go, not yielding, but holding, grabbing, taking. That clearly defies the very notion of what love is and how its energy behaves naturally. It is the very opposite of love, yet carries the name of love (unjustly).

The freedom that comes from letting go in love, from yielding from giving, is so immense that one is filled with tremendous amounts of unconditional love straight from the universe and in that flow of unconditional love it becomes clear that liberation has happened. That alone is lure enough to try living love purely. This process of letting go, surrendering one's will and power to the flow of love is the very essence of who we are on our soul levels. We still get to hang on to everything we possibly would like to or could imagine, we get to have that experience, the love from the source of all things is such that without a plan, everything is allowed. That in and of itself is the image of what pure love is. No plan, everything is allowed - trust that we are love in essence and will find our alignment with that in time.

Even for one who's primary expression is male, powerful and active, love is the base. However to align in love isn't an expression of self-love for those folks. To align in the power with the full experience of self-love (not self-aggrandizement mind you). is more fully an expression of self-love than to solely align in love.

Perhaps I'm mincing words here, but I do feel that there may be that sense of confusion out there for some who feel more drawn to power than to love. Allow power, yet temper it with love. See that power is the primary alignment if that is your expression, for only the acceptance of who you truly are, (i.e. power if that's what it is - or love if it is love) is the truth and therefore self-love.

A word perhaps to address all these primary love relationship concepts out there, from simple couples to the soulmate ideas and then finally the more fateful twin-soul concepts. The moment a thought creeps in that does not set the other (whoever that might be) free to be who they truly are, the moment a concept tries to give one or the other partner an identity, that moment, you've stepped outside of the energy of love. The moment you lock into a concept and try to make your own relationships fit that concept, you have deviated from what love is.

There are undoubtedly souls who feel so fatedly attracted to each other, that they believe such concepts and ideas to be true. However, even in the face of such intense attraction, there is only one true love and that consists of letting go, letting both parties involved be fully who they are without locking down into a preconceived idea what that is. Love cannot be grasped, it cannot be fully held, for it is fluid, it's ever changing, it's yielding it will mold into that which you make it; that which you believe it should be, for I say it again, it's ultimately yielding. You are all true with your experience of love, for love will become that which you want it to be. Pure love, however soars and will never harm anyone when it's left to be what it is and when all attempts at defining it have ceased.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Creators that we are!

Since the Earth's frequency has reached the 5th dimension and is toggling back and forth between 3rd dimensional "memories" and the new 5th dimensional first tentative steps, we are reminded ever more that our thoughts, our emotions, our beliefs, our behavioral patterns, yes, even the genetic and socio-economic miasms of our race, our upbringing etc. are factors that immediately affect our realities. We are individually creating our reality. This is not new, we've always done it. The difference these days is that we are perhaps seeing these connections a bit clearer than we have in the past.

5th dimensional realities and the life within that frequency band requires of us that we step into a place of the "adult". The time for whining and carrying on, bemoaning our bad luck, the time for being a victim in short is over. Of course, you can decide to remain in that mind-set, but it's very clear to the outside world, that with one single thought that leads away from that old pattern you will find yourself stepping outside of that experience of victimhood.

There are no victims! - I know, this statement will perhaps even create an uproar in the face of countless victimized people. Yet, today, the truth of that statement pushes itself into the open. No matter whether I am henceforth unpopular, it's not important. What is important, in my view of things is that each and every soul on this planet who decides to play in the new 5th dimensional realities has their "luck" or "fate" in their own hands, mind, emotions etc. Stepping into that understanding is a very self-empowering sort of thing. However, asking for help along the way, is still very much allowed and required. Nobody has to navigate all by themselves, if they don't want to. However, asking for help is so very different from the place of being, living, breathing and accepting that we are a victim (which we are not!). Asking for help, isn't whining about the bad luck we have or the lot we carry in life. Asking for help allows compassion to flow from one to another, which in turn enhances the whole fabric of reality, for compassion is so very much akin to unconditional love, that it invites the latter into the mix in an instant.

With the simple step of turning away from a stance of being a victim into a place of taking responsibility for one's own experience, we can step into our own power. This power allows us to see clearly that it is in our hands, minds, emotions etc to create that which we desire most.

It pays to get very clear about what that is these days, for manifestation happens so fast - (careful what you wish for!).... However, manifestation happens so quickly, that changes can be applied and manifested at equal speed, if we find ourselves in an experience that hasn't turned out exactly how we wished it to be. In fact, looking at our lives, how they unfold, the perpetual things that irk us, aren't "quite right" and so on, can be so very rewarding in determining our own state of mind, the beliefs we hold become so very clear, when we are look at what we have been creating so far. Very soon, we will no longer be able to shirk this responsibility for ourselves, our creations, our realities. Every time I feel like whining, bemoaning my silly fate, I therefore remind myself that I'm in fact the creator of the "mess" that I'm experiencing. (or the messy bits of an otherwise wonderful life!).... It feels good to grow up, stretch our abilities and create a better experience yet.

Monday, December 12, 2011


By embracing the actual importance of one's most intimate essence through one's own heart, the need for seeking approval, confirmation of importance, or exaggerated (dis)plays of personal importance that demonstrates greater or smaller importance than that of another, will cease instantly.

Friday, December 2, 2011


There was a day, when I too had believed that there is such a thing as an "initiation". Of course, I've spent tons of money to pay for a chance to get initiated, the carrot on the stick it was though and that long sought after initiation was refused, even if my connections to Spirit had told me "you're ready". for months on end pretty much every day. I was so confused in it all and realized only later that the confusion was the signal that was meant to wake me up. Wake me up to the illusions that I had bought into. There is nothing wrong really with playing these scenarios out here on Earth. This is after all the place, the stage upon which we have come to do just that. Play pretend. There are no limitations as to what kind of plays we can put on. It truly is "pretend-play-heaven".

Initiation as it is being used and frequently offered here on Earth, in the wisdom traditions of old and the not-so-wise traditions of new age, is a form of protection that may have been needed at some point, but I'm not even sure about that. It has evolved into a tool of spiritual abuse and serves to foster dependency on the "guru" as well as a money-making tool. Ultimately, no human being can bestow onto another that which they already are. No human being (or soul) can open doors that cannot be opened by the person to be "initiated". To think that there is need for another person to do that for us is to give away personal power. It is allowed, as so many other scenarios are allowed to be played out but I'm calling it what it is: It is an Illusion.

The energies on this planet are currently resonating at a frequency which has thinned the veil of forgetfulness (of who we really are), which in turn allows instant access to the higher self, their essence. There is no work needed to connect consciously with that which we already are. There is no special religion needed, no path, no technique and most of all no money to reach the essence of who we already are. Who we are, the soul essence of our innermost beingness is our birthright and as such it is sacred, universal truth. Who we are is accessible instantly by the mere intention to connect with our Higher Self. This mere thought will set everything into motion to grant that conscious connection, for the connection is there already, it may just not have been experienced consciously. It is one of the most natural things we could be trying to "achieve" - for it is nothing other than who we already are.

Anyone "offering" for good money, time, effort, etc "Initiations" into any spiritual awakening is playing out an illusion, which we can choose to buy into (literally) or we can choose to ignore. Time has come to step into that which we already are and it is available, free of charge, instantly, effortlessly as an absolutely natural process of embracing within our hearts the full alignment to our Higher Selves.

Friday, November 25, 2011


With the courageous act of embracing and fully allowing the experience of uncertainty, you will in turn experience absolute limitlessness. (The Elohim)

Thursday, November 17, 2011


For as long as you see yourself as a pupil, student or whatever else you call yourself, you will experience just that identity. There is a place in which you can reside in your full power of who you are, yet still be humble and learn from every thing, every person, no matter what they declare to have to offer, or even from those who just are - there is always learning going on, which does not mean your light is to be dimmed in order to receive the teaching.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Implications of 11-11-11

I'm not a fan of organized holidays, special dates and all that jazz that many humans find so fascinating. True, there is a mesmerizing quality to see the number 11 three times in a row in today's date. 11, so the numerologists, has a greater significance than other numbers ..... in the third dimension that is, for in other dimensions, this kind of judgment just isn't happening.

So humanity and the lightworkers ahead of all others have created this wonderful "gateway" of 11-11-11 ... or so some of us think. Again, the linear quality of this "event" and the journey up to it and through it and out the other end.... a third dimensional view that has a timeline and a sequence that it apparently follows. This is of course allowed, but I'm a stickler for awareness and as always, I hold to the premise: "Awareness is Everything".

In the expanded awareness of the 5th dimension, where this or that becomes this and that, I smile. It may look or be interpreted as a condescending smile, I assure you that it is only a smile that comes from the understanding and awareness of where I have come to. 11-11-11 isn't more special or less special than any given moment in all of eternity. It may hold a specific quality, mainly because a lot of people have attributed a specific quality to that day and thus created it to be so. To me it is important to point out, that in making this day more "special" than any other moment in time, we create separation. We create potential fears, of those who "missed the portal". In my experience, the universe will open its "portals" and allow a transition into a higher frequency at any given moment. There is no need to wait for a specific day, even if the next specific date and hype around the numbers is surely to pop up tomorrow. The universe will embrace each and every spark of the One on their own individual journey, in their own individual timing. There is no greater opportunity than seizing the now. Moving beyond the human-created significance of such dates and markers will bring joy, equanimity, remove fear and attachment to grand schemes. Ultimately, ascension isn't a mass event one can go to - I'm sure there are even events that sell tickets just so we can celebrate a special day! -

Celebrate the moment, enjoy the moment, live in the moment and ascend your own personal vibration to the higher frequencies in your own timing and as it is comfortable. Nobody who has not "gone through the portal" today will suffer a devastating loss - there is no boat that we can miss. All these concepts are fear based 3rd dimensional thought forms that we can leave behind at any given moment.

If nothing else, take this "special day" and realize that every other day is just as special, experiencing the glory of nature's unfolding according to the seasons, the climate of where you live. All is in divine order, and that includes the many who have decided to play and create their experience around this date. It  is allowed, granted and blessed by the One Source of all that is, not more and not less.

I am wishing everyone a wonderful experience this day and any other.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


It is of course allowed to stay in the dream of your own experience, even if you are not happy with it. This is but a reminder, that the energies on Earth have reached frequencies where change and even the new creation of a totally different reality is almost instantaneous. It might be time to take advantage of this and stop re-creating that which does not make us happy. The decision for change lies with every individual. Thoughts, emotions, beliefs and patterns are the building blocks for the many wonderful creations. It's that easy!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Exquisite Light

If you want to change the world, begin by holding each person in the most exquisite light possible. That way, they can meet a different expectation than if you judge them to be less than the brilliant light they actually are. (The Elohim)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Relationships Without Attachment

The longer I am on my journey, the clearer I get about the manner in which to conduct relationships. Obviously, looking back at my long string of relationships, romantic, friendships, family etc, I can assume that it is part of my learning package deal to figure out how to navigate within them, grow through them and all those wonderful other opportunities for learning that they bring.

So I've tried to assimilate relationships as they were shown to me through family and friends. I tried to emulate the ways that I felt were at least "ok". As I let review pass, there is one common denominator in all of my relationships. I've formed attachments in almost all of them. I believe that this is a very fitting way to go about relationships when incarnated as a human being. After all, I had plenty of role models who showed me how to do just that. The problem was, that each and every one of them fell apart. I dare say, they fell apart because I had formed the attachment. It was as if there was a "hex" on the topic of relationships. There are a few gems in my trail that I've left behind. These gems are  those relationships where I either had overcome (let go of) the attachment and grown to a place of loving detachment and individuality, or those relationships where I managed not to form the attachment in the first place.

It is with greater understanding today, that I can say, that true love lies beyond attachment. It is found when one is no longer in need of another. It is found again, I should say, as it is not so much a letting go process to unravel one's consciousness from the formed attachments, but one of reconnecting with one's true essence, for in that place of higher consciousness, attachments do not exist and the freedom of each individual is valued beyond measure. The respect and honor that floods through my being when I touch upon that essential core of mine dictate how I interact with others.

Everything is changing just about right now. The world and everything in it is in constant flux. It is a wild ride at some points. I cannot fathom that the area of experience of relationships, especially romantic relationships, is not part of this change. I know that folks are finding themselves in these changes and don't really have a concept as to how to navigate their relationships successfully. This is in part due to not really knowing how to define success in the first place. Success isn't necessarily when a relationship "holds" and two people are together forever. Success from my viewpoint is when two people dance for a while and set each other free, i.e. they allow each partner to be who they truly are and support the journey that leads to finding out who each individual is. Success would be if two dancers then dance sometimes together, sometimes apart, sometimes with others, free as the wind. Yeah, the concept was introduced in the 60s, but then obviously got misunderstood quite thoroughly.

Then there is the concept of "Twin Flames" - apparently, as I understand it, the notion that a soul has split in two, one part male, the other female (??) and that now is the time that these most fitting parts find each other again to rejoin and become whole. (and live happily ever after, re-attached so to speak).
Please forgive my sarcasm here, but I do not subscribe to this belief. True, there may be some souls who have traveled with each other so very often that their energies are such a great fit, that we find them again and again in close romantic relationships, lasting a lifetime. It seems to me however, that these "successful" relationships are a) not the norm and b) perhaps not all that successful in the end. From the outside, nobody can judge what a successful relationship is after all.

My heart goes out to those who have begun living their relationships without attachments, but with this generous sense of freedom. For they are the ones that may feel instability. They are the ones who may feel judged by the old paradigm (which so often doesn't work anymore...look at the divorce rate!). I wish to express words of encouragement to those who have the courage to remain who they are, connected with their innermost essence, dancing with others in that form of honor and respect that shines through when one finds that essence within. May your dances be wonderfully free, invigorating, exhilarating and least of all stifling in the expression of who you truly are.

Those of you who have trouble staying in a relationship for any length of time, try not to seek fault within or in your partner(s), but keep looking for the wondrous core of yours. There are dancers out there and if you allow yourself to float, dance, connect, float again and reconnect etc, without forming any attachment at all, your experiences may begin making a lot more sense from that point of view. The old paradigm is crumbling all around. This applies not only to the economy, government, banking system and all that "important" stuff. The old paradigm is crumbling in all areas of life, including relationships and this transition period allows us to explore and re-establish that which is true deep within our hearts. Heart based connections, joyous encounters brief or long-term, attachment-free interactions and the freedom to be who we truly are, each one of us individually.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pushing Away

It is the innate quality of the experience of polarity to find the place where something is not desired and resolve to pushing it away. This "it" can be people, circumstances, things, opinions, etc. We do it pretty much on a daily basis, this pushing away thing. I do it and I think most people find themselves doing it now and again at the very least.

Without a doubt, in the human heart, one of the more painful experiences is the scenario of being rejected, being pushed away. It takes a strong personality to push another person away thoroughly enough so that he or she will feel rejected. It depends very much on how the rejected person is balanced and centered, or whether such a person has made him/herself dependent on acceptance through others. The moment someone has made themselves dependent on outward expressed acceptance from others, they have given away one of the greatest gifts. It is a power that we are born with. The power to accept ourselves regardless and aside from any opinion that may prevail outside of ourselves. To be accepted (by the One) is a given. It is a truth that will never falter, never vary. We are all accepted by the One. Always. Yet, so many feel rejected for so many reasons.

The only way I can see out of this place of rejection is to go within. We cannot hope to ever sway the rest of the world to accept us, but we have most definitely the ability and the power to accept ourselves and let the "rest of the world" adjust to that in due course. (actually once self-acceptance is practiced and fully permeates our being the outside world will "adjust" rather quickly).

Again, as with so many things that we are trying to change in our lives, we have to only change it within ourselves. The intent to do so is a catalyst powerful enough to set our sails and push our boat into that direction. The journey itself becomes a meandering individual one and cannot be foretold. What it does take in my opinion, is to step outside of the mindset that feeds on the "experiences" that we may have had prior to this point. The voice that wants to say: "but I've always been strange and never belonged", is a voice that buys into a linear unraveling of events. We can choose to abide by that linearity or step outside of it. Both choices are valid, both choices yield a different outcome and it is up to each individual to decide what kind of experience comes next. A completely new one (with kind of exciting prospects) or the repetition of the foreseeable, based of the already experienced past.

This is how I deal with personal aversions. I acknowledge their presence and then go within to create something new inside. This is how every "problem" out there can be tackled. This is the freedom each and every person has to change the(ir) world and their personal experience. We can decide that we are powerful enough to do this, or we can buy into the past experience of  "I am but one little voice, I don't matter, or I'm not strong enough". Truth is - every spark, every person on this planet is strong enough to make personal changes inside of themselves. Now imagine these many many personal changes switch from "I don't matter" to "I do matter" and see the whole world change through that ! It does not even take a demonstration or a rally, it can be accomplished in the privacy of your own home or street corner if you don't have a home. This would be the change in the core of mass consciousness!

When the repetition of past experiences has been lived through enough times, perhaps then, we tire of them enough to decide to step into a different way of thinking - perhaps.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Prime Directive

The pattern that I have observed over the last week is one where people are facing issues that are like their last demons in the closet or something of the sort. Also very clearly, there are those who are not just reluctant to make the step into the higher frequencies along with mother Earth's development, but those who outright refuse. The refusals to step onto the train that carries one into the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension are outright, straight up and very clear. The refusal can be interpreted to be personal, but I do not believe that it is. It is directed point blank towards those who are able and whose mission it is to elevate others, be it by mere contact with their own elevated vibration or through whatever means they practice that helps folks reach a greater understanding, heart based focus of unity and simply brings a higher vibration of well being and health to the other.

The refusals may be cloaked or they may be served straight up. They may be frank, polite, honest or downright rude. It doesn't matter what form these refusals to accept help or invite the vicinity of said lightworkers and their talents takes. What does matter is that these refusals are a very clear statement. They are a decision that has possibly been reached prior to incarnating. This decision can be as intense as to support a soul contract, or simply be that decision of a helping soul to stick around in the 3rd dimension to help those who are not making a conscious decision, but are not ready to increase their frequency along with the biosphere. What does matter too is the fact that since the beginning of Project "Humanity on Earth", there is one prime directive and that is "Free Will Choice". This prime directive is to be honored and respected by everyone, including the most skilled "helper" out there. There is absolutely nothing anyone should or can do, for nobody truly has knowledge what anyone else's path, contract or decision contains in the larger plan for the whole.

In that sense, I urge all those who are facing these kinds of rejections at this time to put their "greater knowledge" into play by simply respecting and honoring another's free will choice and decisions, even if their hearts yearn very strongly to bring every single soul along on the ride they're on. Fact is: there is no separation really, and even those who decide to continue to play in 3rd dimensional realities are part of the One. Let's all rest easy and live that which we preach - there is only ONE whole and all is in Divine order already. Those who choose a different path at this pivotal time of choice between 3rd dimension and 5th dimension experience than we do, are as much part of us as those who choose the same path we have chosen.

Separation is illusion, an illusion necessary to grant the 3rd dimensional experience, regardless of what any single spark chooses. Illusion cannot be judged, illusion is not something to push away. Consciousness and awareness is what brings us into the balance point where "this or that" become "this and that". I bow to all those who at this time choose to stay in the 3rd dimensional experience and know that there will be a time when all see through the illusion and register the eternal truth of who we all are - a myriad of expressions of the One, the One consisting of unconditional love.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ever Evolving Realizations

I've known for a few months now that my initial very ambitious plan of blogging every single day until December 21, 2012 was a great way to get me started and at the time, I really thought I had that much to say. It turns out however, that I've begun repeating myself, as in the process over the past year of daily blogging, things have become so much clearer for me. It has turned out to be a great journey and of course, I chuckle now at ever having thought it was anything other than my own personal journey. Grand ideas of sharing that which moves me along with incredible notions of creating a following great enough to change the world are just some of my internal jokes now. That obviously wasn't in my stars. It has never been really in my stars and who's to say, who all keeps reading this blog. It isn't just the regular readers that make it worth while writing up my thought processes. It is also those inexplicable events, when someone clear across the world has a computer do strange things and land on one of my blog pages, just for that person to realize that it was exactly the message necessary for them to continue on their own path, or just the answer they were seeking. Stuff like that makes it all worth while for me and I am tickled pink to have reached people as far away as Vietnam, Malaysia and Russia for example (and many more locations).

The Elohim have accompanied me on this journey as they do on every journey of mine. Their wisdom has leaked through in a poignant fashion and I am eternally grateful to have been given the opportunity to be their conduit. My blogging project isn't all over today, one year after I have begun writing on a daily basis. All I see that needs to change is the (mandatory) "daily" part to which I had adhered to in admirable fashion thanks to having Saturn in Capricorn in my natal chart.

Writing just for writing sake, without having anything particularly interesting to say, just does not seem like a lot of fun. I will keep writing when I have something to say, or when something worth sharing moves me. In the meantime, I will keep pushing on and dream up a world worth living in. I will do that in the fashion that I have described in some of my blog posts. That has been my deepest passion from early on and nothing will change that. I thank all my readers for sharing in this journey with me so far and know that there will be more tidbits to come between now and that ominous date in 2012. There will be new epiphanies, experiences and most definitely different viewpoints as I spiral through my own vortex into ever evolving realizations.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Quickening

The viewpoints described in this video are to a large extent how I have experienced my journey. The one thing that does not vibrate as a possibility any longer for me are the prophesies of a New World Order and the 3rd World War scenarios. Also, not all earthquakes or other natural disasters have to occur in a devastating fashion. There are many lightworkers strategically placed, holding the space and with their energies balancing and soothing the areas where earthquakes are most likely to happen. Even when serious quakes shook the Earth before, I believe that it would have been far worse, had the relentless workers not done their job, consciously or unconsciously. At the very core of the message in this video, I see the premise that "all is in Divine perfection" and "everything is as it is supposed to be". The next shift in global consciousness is before us, whether it is on Oct. 28 or not, matters very little. I feel the wave pushing and I know that many will find themselves in a different state of consciousness and in that new state of consciousness, different and new scenarios will unfold, history will repeat itself only for those who choose not to flow along with the earthly shift in frequency and that too is in Divine perfection, sanctioned and purposeful. Every little decision that is being made is Divine, for every person who does decide is a spark of the One. To see otherwise is to separate oneself from All that is.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Promises and Expectations

When the realization occurs that promises and expectations are both energies that lead away from being in perfect alignment in the NOW, it becomes clear that the only true point of navigation can be the heart, for a heart never needs a promise nor does it expect anything from anyone.
(The Elohim)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Staying in Your Vibrational Frequency

I have spoken before of the necessity to maintain one's personal vibrational frequency. It appears that this is more important now than ever before. The physical body has gone through adjustments that make any interaction where one dials into a lower frequency a very precarious exercise. The physical body reacts to this "auto-dial-down". It doesn't like it. The DNA has adjusted to the higher frequencies and it doesn't want to be in a lower frequency and will throw up acute-§ physical symptoms of malaise or even disease. These symptoms will most likely be symptoms that have been experienced before and they represent the place of weakness in the individual body and therefore they are very personal symptoms. Usually they are not life-threatening, however they do signal very vividly that something has happened that isn't appreciated one bit by the physical form. 

There are patterns that link us to people we have known in our past. These relationship patterns, whether they are  positive or negative, are like fibers, threads that weave together to form bonds and chains. These bonds and chains are perhaps wanted, but most of the time, they are serving only one purpose. That of re-creating the old way of relating the way we have been. This re-creation of the old realities isn't the only thing that is created by following the same energetic patterns that are stored in these fibers and weaves. What happens is that we create a form of dependency, either on the negative aspects of a relationship, or even the positive aspects. In this dependency, we are unable to let the other nor ourselves be who they truly are. We are automatically biased and since most of these fibers originated in the 3rd dimensional experience, we auto-dial into that frequency and the body is now rebelling against this frequency shift. 

Since these relationship patterns are all our own creation, we have sovereign right to do with them what we please. I chose to unravel and deconstruct some of mine and am still working on some others that way. The manner in which this deconstruction takes place is of course individual and based on intention and energy that follows such intention. The chained bird in me is now soaring and I realize that I had carried not only the burden of my own life, but also the expectations I had of the other person(s), be they good or bad. These preconceived ideas of how others are, should be, were, etc are energetic burdenst that are now gone. The feeling upon freeing myself from these chains and bonds was a mix between grief and relief - I call that feeling "grelief". The intensity with which this combination-feeling welled up within me was directly proportionate to the strength of the bond and the amount of prejudice and expectations. Dreams that were part of who I wanted to be had also found their way to freedom - they fizzled away. That was most painful for a brief moment, but then relief followed and the understanding that I can create new dreams in a heartbeat placed the focus elsewhere.

For a free flowing experience in my own energetic frequency, I am now able to experience interactions with the very people I have released from that old bond and I experienced that I maintained my place that I call my "vibrational homepage" and the old ways that used to trigger me into certain reactions were just not active anymore. Get me right, this has nothing to do with pushing anyone away, nor with saying good bye to any relationship you might have. This is more an exercise to find one's own true vibration, commit to that as the base and give up the ties that make us auto-dial into a frequency that isn't compatible with our physical bodies any longer. This, so I feel, holds the meaning of staying in one's true essence, one's true vibrational frequency. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

An Indispensable Tool

Faster and faster can I notice the changes that occur when I focus on a situation that needs improvement. In the past I would focus and focus and forget - then focus again and forget again - focus some more and finally months later realize that things have changed.

It's absolutely thrilling to focus for about one night on something that seems dire and find changes in places where I could not have foreseen emerging beautifully the very next day. I could of course be egocentric and say, this is my development. My ability to focus and create has gotten so splendidly powerful. Yeah - that would be great, but I think it isn't that at all. I give all credit to the faster vibration on Earth. The biosphere is nearing the vibration of the 5th dimension with enormous speed now. Things are manifesting within hours. Thoughts good or bad that is. It is scary to think of what our not so nice thoughts can produce that way within the scope of our own experiences. It is however very soothing to see that once we detach from specifics and bring unconditional love as the base of any creation/alteration etc. into play, we cannot go wrong. We may not know the way in which a situation will improve, change or disappear, but if we use only unconditional love to  blanket the situation in question with and trust that all is as it is supposed to be, the outcome will naturally follow the path that is in greatest alignment for the benefit of all involved.

I find that it becomes simpler as I go along this path and in this simplicity, one thing pops up as a universal tool and that remains the same for every situation we may find ourselves in. That tool is and remains unconditional love. It carries the power and the wisdom of all that is within itself.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Valuable Life Lessons

As with the precious gems prospected from the rocky depths, the most valuable life lessons come often buried in material that is so very hard to crack. (The Elohim)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Laughter, Humor and Mirth - Lachen, Humor und Heiterkeit

Oh dear, yes, the times are so wild right now. If we are among the humans who watch the news every now and then or read the newspaper, then we know very precisely how really bad it is in our world. The intrigues, the lies, the power plays of the “Chiefs”, the shallow dramas and acts of the great stars and not so great starlets. We can read up on it very clearly, how horrible it all is! Then we do have the option to believe it all, we can enter that field and nod. We can clench our fists and react with disgust, we can hate it all. We can further fight against it and end up feeling helpless and powerless when we are again confronted with the “reality”, which seems to not change at all. At some point, we calm down and become compliant. We take the things as they are – all of us do that, except some really strong warrior types – they are still fighting, and even though the heroes are getting tired, they are just not giving up.

That which really goes down is the following scenario.
The world as we know it is a construct of illusion. We (the humans as a collective) have created it that way and now that we are slowly waking up, we see what kind of a world it is that we have created. In the great style of duality we now fight against this creation. The Universe ALWAYS delivers that which we want. That which we want must be that which we give the most attention to. It is that which we give all our energy to. Yes, it must be that humanity is wishing for that, for it keeps bringing all its energy towards it – and so the Universe delivers, no shipping and handling, free of charge that which resides in our heads. That’s the way, we keep on re-creating this not so desirable world of ours, every day anew – we get a fresh copy of the old – how great is that!!

I scratch the back of my head and ask myself, why don’t we use our greatest gift anymore? Yes, of course, we have heard quite a bit about love and such things like joy, happiness etc. I didn’t meant that though. What I’m talking about is the best gift of all gifts tha we humans bring into this world. It is humor, dear ones, humor is when you laugh despite it all.

With this blog, I would like the reader to take the attention away from the dreadful world out there. I am not a comedian, far from it, but laughing is such a wonderful activity, that I cannot help but remind everyone of their ability to laugh. So many of you have forgotten what it feels like to laugh from the depth of your bellies until you cramp up, hold your stomach gasp for air and have tears rolling down your face. Yes, laughter like that is so freeing. I’m certain most of us have experienced this kind of laughter on our way to joy already. What if there is nothing to laugh about ? I have a good idea. I have a friend from the angelic kingdom who is absolutely bored because we have almost stopped laughing. He is a great connoisseur of comedy, humor and mirth. He tickles you until you laugh. He is offering his services, just because he’s so bored and he would love it if you called on him by name. His name is Alessaro and he would love so very much to laugh with you.


Bitte benutze den untenstehenden Link um den heutigen Beitrag in deutscher Sprache abzurufen. Inkl. Musik.

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Also a Part of Me

While musing about the economy and good ol' money with a friend, I've found a sought after puzzle piece for my own little life puzzle. The journey through the depths of survival patterns and fears had brought me to this place, where money just was not an issue anymore. I had created a place where there was enough, but no real divine flow of monetary units (the exception being the flow that is outward bound).

I understand that in spiritual circles, most often, people are voicing that money is too tight to mention. I've studied this abundance issue and have seen how my attitude changes create situations and a reality in which I am feeling very free and unlimited. Yet, the money still is flowing out more than in and there is a discrepancy between giving and receiving. That however, wasn't the problem for me. I have realized meanwhile that I had given money it's own little box. I had accepted money to be a means of facilitating the exchange of goods and services. I have made money a non-issue. I had deconstructed thought forms that had suggested that money was bad or evil or anything of the sort. But money was so much of a non-issue in my life, that it has all but disappeared. We all know that even I have to go to the store and buy the food I cannot grow myself, so money disappearing isn't the best scenario I could have wished for. Thanks to my innate understanding that I will always have enough, I just always had enough.

What I had not realized, was that money too is made of unconditional love, like everything else on this plane of existence and that money too was part of who I am. I had tried to distance myself from money and I had succeeded. It had become something quite alien to me. With that creation of distance, I had given money a notion of "undesirable" without knowing it and the universe has agreed to reflect that kind of reality back at me.

It is with a sense of utter relief that I embrace money today, as part of myself. It is almost like re-uniting with a  long lost friend. That beautiful feeling of bringing a missing part into my own fold of unity and oneness is where it's at for me. I cannot say, how the financial aspects of my reality will unfold from here on out, but I can feel that this reconciliation with money as an integral part of who I am is a very natural thing. After all, in the 5th dimension it's all about integrating and creating unity and oneness. Enough of all that ostracizing the "undesirables".

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Those who Place Seeds

In every time period there are those who walk the human existence without ever being recognized for that which they are doing. Their job is a nifty one however. They work on themselves in private, they have ideas that they bring into manifestation and they create new ways of living, channel inspiration for new discoveries. They tirelessly create new thought forms, thought patterns and perhaps quite wildly follow their own dreams. Sometimes, those angels are here to help a more visible incarnation succeed. Sometimes it's for the whole of humanity, that these changes are being cast out in that manner into the field of mass consciousness of humanity.

Have you ever wondered, why all of a sudden, certain ideas take hold ? Have you ever wondered, why certain discoveries seem to flood a time period? - Those are but two ways of recognizing the seeds that have been placed in the field of mass consciousness by these souls who walk among us as very simple normal people. Their names are not widely known, but their genius is always spiritual in nature and their understanding of human nature is uncanny. They are love based individuals and are usually very selfless. Their job does not get understood nor acknowledged, the discoveries that people make and become famous with were originally theirs and their own discoveries won't ever be successfully marketed, even if they try that route. This is simply because it's not their plan, their mission in life to become visible with a new invention or some such. Their job is to figure things out, cutting edge, and their soul essence's vibration is such that it hsa the power and the reach to transmit that new discovery straight to the mass consciousness field, where anyone consciously attuned to it can pick the new idea up and claim it as their own. 

Here is my personal acknowledgment and eternal gratitude to those souls who have come into a body thus in Divine service to the Creator. It is they who fill the field of mass consciousness selflessly with their personal ideas and discoveries, so that other souls may have a large enough pool of inspiration to play out the various scenarios of inventors, wise men, healers, musicians, physicist, mathematician, etc... 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The awkward moment....

The awkward moment when you realize that your beliefs have actually manifested, but it turned out to be somewhat different from what you thought it would be !
(Luckily one can always adjust one's vision, beliefs and patterns consciously in order to create a better version of reality yet.)

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Different Kind of Light

The journey through the energetic vibration frequencies continues and as we are finding ourselves in ever higher frequencies, we experience that the veil of forgetfulness, that is one of the most amazing creations by the way, is thinning more and more. This thinning of the veil has the effect that the illusion of duality and the forgetting of the true light, is beginning to drift apart and dissipate, just like smoke would dissipate in the air after a while. The truth of our light, that which we are, is beginning to show more and more.

I'm so very happy to be a witness to this process. To observe the thinning of the veil is indeed a clear sign that the Earth's vibration is rising. Soon that veil will be no longer in our field of perception and the 5th dimensional vibration will have been reached. For a long time, it was up in the air, whether humanity would be able to travel along with the Earth and for this journey to be successful. Now, deep in the innermost corners of my intuition are feelings of celebration that I'm still holding back. They are projecting the following: "we're going to make it!" and the happy dance that wants to be danced right now already, is almost too strong to hold at bay. I'm waiting still. One cannot be certain yet, but the signs are such that it really does look like we are going to make it in one piece, bodies, Earth and all.

There is one other thing that has crept into my awareness patterns and that is the notion that as long as we are still pointing towards the light, the good, etc. then we authorize (and create) the notion that there is darkness and evil... This notion alone keeps the duality in us and around us alive. I do know how hard it is to step outside of duality. It is easier and easier however, the closer Earth gets to the 5th dimensional vibration. It takes stubbornness and some sense of rebellious defiance to deny that which for thousands of years has been our experience and "reality", our modus operandi. I am making a choice, I wholeheartedly deny the illusion of duality on the basis that there is only one light, one different kind of light that does not require nor call into being its opposite, "darkness". This different, true and divine light is the light of unity, the light of all that is- the light of all encompassing and unifying unconditional love. That is the place I step into whenever I am stumbling back into the old ways of thinking along the patterns of duality. I just do this as a practice run for myself. The more I focus on this one light of unity, the less any duality patterns are visible in my own reality. Thus I'm dreaming on, dreaming into reality a new way of thinking, a new way of experiencing and a new way of creating my every day experience. All lit up in a different kind of light!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

All That and More

I'm not a religious person, but can respect anyone who is. I can respect anyone who isn't too. I can respect all atheists in the same manner. To me anyone whatever their religious beliefs, whatever their personal convictions, whatever their spiritual journey, is part of a greater field of consciousness.

I have been asked periodically about my beliefs. From time to time, I get asked whether I believe in a God. It's tricky to answer, because there is such a stigma and the cry "blasphemy" would surely sound from one or the other listener. I boldly go as far as to say: "I am God"... well... of course only in the understanding that God is me and quite some.... In short, everything is God, the One, Source, Creator etc... whatever name anyone is comfortable with. I also know that to know God fully with the current limitations of the human mind/brain, even if we take all the other perception channels into the mix is simply not possible. We can know aspects of God perhaps, but the whole totality is so overwhelmingly huge, brilliant, shines so bright, overwhelms one with untold amounts of unconditional love that we can only take it in in increments.

I believe that in this human existence we are moving from one paradigm, the one that says there is a God outside of ourselves (or there is no God at all), to a paradigm that is more unifying, one that says that we are part of God, (or whatever you want to name the totality of all consciousness.) One thing I know with certainty, however I cannot prove it scientifically, because I came with all scientific talent locked up. I know that everything, everything down to the tiniest particle is made of energy and that energy which is in various states of vibratory speed is called unconditional love. So all, every single person, ever plant, every atom, every little or big thing is made of that energy. And then, imagine the absolute totality of every creation ever made and all the future ones and the myriads of worlds and people on them and the incredible amounts of realities, dimensions etc... it goes on and on and on and the human mind reels. All that and more is God, the One, Source of all that is.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


As the frequencies rise, the abyss between the higher frequencies and the lower 3D realities begins to widen. The bridges are crumbling and it becomes increasingly difficult to have a foot in both worlds. That is fine this way. Although I do not focus on the world of polarity that often, sometimes I am presented with viewpoints that see very clearly, almost in a sense of prophesy, how the world is going to hell in a handbasket. I have long since abandoned futuristic visions that lead to that point of dark age, destruction and armageddon. There is however a large population out there, that still sees (and fears) that scenario.

In my understanding, they are correct. This will come to pass in a very dark sort of way. However, parallel to that unfolding of that reality, there is the reality that rises up, offers humanity the opportunity to reach unity consciousness. That reality is equally in the making. Since free will choice is the prime directive here on Earth, both realities (and variables thereof) are allowed. They are choices that have to be made and sometimes, not making a choice is making a choice (to stay where you are at).

I can simplify this choice to the one repetitive mantra - it's a choice between fear and love. Each one of us human beings has the ability to love, to step into the love, to live love and to be that which we are - LOVE. At the same time, we are still in 3D after all, there is the opposite state, a state of fear. We can choose to buy into the illusion of that state and keep living in the world of separation. This world of separation is not really going to hell in a handbasket, even if it looks that way, but the self-destructive elements in the 3rd dimensional experience are such, that a new cycle will begin. It will begin after a point of destruction has been reached with the period that could be entitled "A Dark Age". Every cycle within the many cycles of rise and fall of empires etc have crumbled into that period of dark age and from that point, history begins anew, it repeats itself in a new cycle of opportunity and learning.

Not everyone will choose the 5th dimension. That much seems to be clear to me. Not everyone will choose to stay in the 3rd dimension however and those who choose love will move on. It's a choice that holds no judgment when seen from the point of view of the One. The important part in my opinion is that we have that choice, the dice are still rolling, nothing is set in stone. We still have the choice to switch sides and step into the "side" which isn't a side at all. The view from the 5th dimension actually includes the 3rd dimension. It isn't about choosing sides when you view things from the 5th dimensional consciousness. The experiences of the 3rd dimension are all nestled within that of the 5th, they are an integral part of the 5th (and higher dimensions). It may help to think of the dimensions not as linear (2-dimensional) layers or sheets, one next to the other or on top of one another, but rather a spiral form wherein the lower dimensions are part of the higher ones. It's all about inclusion anyways in the 5th dimension. Taking it in, embracing it (whatever "it" is).

Those who keep fearing the doom and destruction, the darkness and the deceit. Those who fear the power games of the world "as we know it", they are living in fear, creating exactly that which they fear the most. It takes courage to step away from fear. It takes courage to see that scenario to be a place that is no longer suitable for what we wish for ourselves. It takes courage to meet the fear head on and say no to it. It takes courage to embark on a journey into something that hasn't been experienced in a very long time and by some souls not at all (yet). It takes courage to come from the world of duality and step into a world of unity. But once in the world of love, unity, peace and harmony, it becomes clear that the world of duality is still part of our experience, we just look at it differently and see through the illusions it creates (it is pre-ordained to create, for it to work the way it does).

Personally, my attachment as to who chooses love and who chooses fear has lessened considerably. I am aware that some souls will make choices that create another cycle of 3rd dimensional experiences. I am fully ok with that, because I know it is not the only choice that can be made and I will have to say goodbye to those souls who choose thus, but I will do so with only love in my heart, without judgment and with the knowledge that time is of no consequence and there will be a moment when they have played in 3D enough they will end up choosing to be that which they already are - LOVE.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Build up Trust

When trust has been eroded and cannot be built up again easily, try forgiveness. Forgive yourself for having created a situation where that trust was lost and build up trust within yourself through immense amounts of love - directed at yourself. (The Elohim)

Monday, September 12, 2011

There is no Excuse

So very often I have people asking me: "What shall I do in my life?" This question is not even the one that asks for the personal mission. It is more likely that one question that for some folks does not seem to find an answer easily. I have a short answer to the question that is applicable for everyone. It's not to be understood as a pat answer, I really don't mean to dismiss the anxiousness that may be felt while not doing "the right thing" yet. This one small answer goes as follows:

You shall do whatever brings you joy and happiness. 

With this answer I want to point out that there are things in life that we enjoy doing more than others. There are things we really thrive on, we become happy people when we do them. My answer points to those things and those things alone. There is one feature these things have in common. They come easy to those who love doing them (and might be impossible to achieve for others.) Loving an activity, enjoying it and experiencing happiness while enjoying the "work" is exactly what the Universe wants of you. I have a hard time imagining that any one person has nothing at all that they enjoy doing. I am at the same time aware that some of the things may not be high yield jobs in ways of financial gain. That's ok. It really is. I even go as far as to say, you can do a job you don't like and make your money that way, but one thing is needed for happy living. There has to be time and space for you to do that which you love (even if it is a recreational activity) - at least once a day, or at the very least 3 times a week. (my guesstimate). The way to happiness is not necessarily finding that which you love doing and making money off that. Very often, that's not the case. The way to unhappiness however, is clearly to do that which makes money and leave out that which brings joy. So in order to be happy (and therefore healthy) people, we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to do that which we love doing and that which brings joy and happiness to us.

Excuses that will deny the experience of doing that which we love are to be avoided at all cost ! There is no excuse!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

So Very Close

If you notice that suddenly you find yourself expanding in consciousness. If your "I"-dentification is no longer with your body alone, but reaches and expands into the whole of the cosmos, then perhaps zooms back in and enters your body just to find the inner realms also to be very expansive and but a reflection of this greater cosmos that you may have glimpsed, know that this is a normal evolutionary experience of the spiritual kind. It is normal for one who is conscious in the manners of the 5th  and/or higher dimensions. It is not the everyday stuff of 3rd dimensional living however and it may take you by surprise when it happens. The body may react to such "travels" and suddenly expanding states of consciousness with headaches, tiredness, nausea or other minor discomforts. This is a sign that the physical cells are adjusting and vibrating at a higher speed themselves, which is a considerable amount of work for them.

The expansion of awareness and the re-identification with a greater "I", the higher self,  is why we are currently here on Earth accompanying her on her journey from the 3rd dimension into the 5th. I do feel that she is very close, our mother, our biosphere. Close to finally reaching the energetic frequency of the 5th dimension and I am very excited about that. On the journey through these vibratory frequency levels, there will be what I call the "toggle-phase". I have seen this manifest quite a few times already in the processes of some courageous souls who are on this journey with full awareness. This toggle-phase is the wobble between residing in the 5th dimension and the "old" 3rd dimension. The frequency is like a radio station that looses its signal (focus) and pops back in clearly, just to drift away again. It will take a while before Gaia will anchor fully into the radio station of the 5th dimension. As for exact dates, this is but a guess of mine, but I believe that anchor date to be the famous 12-21-2012. If not, then it will be on another day, but one thing is clear to me. It is very soon that Earth will reach the 5th dimension. Her physical body, the actual planet is also needing to adjust to the higher frequency levels and the best you can do to assist her process is to look after your own process with kindness, self-love and awareness. If working directly with Gaia is on your radar, you will know what to do and when. There is no sense in doing what others do, if you do not feel drawn to it, for our journey of ascension leads to our own authentic essence, whatever that essence may be.

Increasing one's frequency has a few side-effects. The veil of forgetfulness is thinning (majorly!) and the perceptions that are called "extra-sensory perceptions" are going to be surprising people more and more with their accuracy. There is no need to hide these perceptions any longer. They are going to be the new way to perceive, the higher dimensional experience cannot be fully experienced without these perception channels.

There is however only one thing we need to remember and that is that the new base for the next higher dimension is the heart, the high heart to be specific. The energy that is governed by the high heart chakra (energy center) is unconditional love, the base energy of all of creation. To anchor and base everything in your life in that focal point of unconditional love will suffice to ensure a great ride into the new Earth of the 5th dimension.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Unity Consciousness

We will be conscious in unity when all around us are as well. The very notion that someone of our totality is not in that consciousness indicates that unity consciousness has not been reached yet.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


The body is a vessel that with its genetic disposition and family story delivers the perfect base for the lessons and adventures a soul has set out to go through. It is therefore a good idea to meet the challenges our genetic history, disposition and patterning is presenting us with, straight on. We can choose to dilly dally along and avoid this set-up by giving in to what the family patterns seem to dictate, or accept the challenge and begin to consciously defy the family patterns and beliefs.

If we are familiar with the back-story of our parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents, we can most often find ourselves to be facing the very same situations in a slightly more modern version (the issues remain the very same).  We can go down the well-trodden, pre-paved path of our ancestors (recommended for the great and wonderful achievements and traits) or we can make a conscious choice to actually turn away from the draw or pull of our ancestors' patterning. We can then embark on our own individual path, make our own individual choices and by thus defying old outdated family traditions, we immediately become the self-empowered conscious creators of our own personal stories, brand new, fresh start, much more exciting and way less boring than all the re-runs !

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Choose Love

The last few days has again seen a dip into the old paradigm's ways of life for many. I feel that these energetic dips are points of opportunity and with each dip, there are a few more people who realize that they have not lived in their hearts, that they have shut it down in order to protect themselves and that they have given fear and suffering all their power. These dips are energetic moments that bring about the states of fear that are deeply buried and most of the time unknown. They bring them about in a fashion that does not allow denial anymore, or if denial is managed, the next day, that very same issue is on the table again. It's unavoidable anymore really.

It is a glorious moment in time, for when the fear reaches levels that are hardly bearable anymore, or when the awareness and awakening processes go so deep that the fear that has been tolerated and experienced as normal comes to the light and is for once seen in all it's gruesome glory and magnitude, there is that moment that brings even the strongest protector of one's heart to his or her knees. The ever increasingly attractive choice is voiced: "I choose Love", and the awakening begins in earnest. This intention that is voiced (even in moments of desperation), is being taken very seriously by the Universe. I experience it as if the Universe is just exclusively waiting for more and more people to make this choice: "I choose Love". That's as simple as it gets and it is the ticket to board a train. A train that carries the decision maker away from fear and into a new way of experiencing life, through the filters of love.

Initially, as with any train that starts its journey, there may be rocky moments. The choice may well be re-intended over and over, as the fears try to rear their head. (Including the fear that the first intention wasn't strong enough). All it is however, is the awakening, the awareness that grows. The fears were there all along, one was just not as aware of them. With the choice, the awakening begins and therefore the fears are being perceived for what they really are. Also, opening of a heart that has been shut down for decades due to emotional pain, sorrow, disappointments etc, will cause most often some tears to well up. Since feelings do not know time, they may be as fresh as when they first were suppressed. It is ok to feel them briefly and then move on, to the next until the heart only brings about love, joy, gratitude, harmony, peace and all those other cozy feelings. I bow in recognition of the choice that is being made more and more and my heart sings.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


For me it seems that it does take a stance of being bold, bold beyond measure perhaps, in order to affect profound, lasting change within one's life. It is always a situation where well-being isn't exactly achieved that gives rise to desire. The Buddhists see desire as one of the causes for suffering and when dwelling on desire, it truly is. Nothing on this Earth is without a grain of good though. It just depends how one deals with it. As with guilt or fear, desire is not something to dwell on, but  it can absolutely be the spark, the ignition to change.

The drive for most people is to have a desire and then go out to do something about getting it. Or, if that seems too hard, more often, the choice is to just stay in the feeling of desire and want of that which they desire which leads to perpetuation of that want and the keen perception of the discrepancy between have and want, which usually is usually experienced as suffering in one form or another. One could go about abolishing desire altogether, but abolishing something doesn't usually give rise to change. It means that we are still attached to that which we are trying to get "rid of" and therefore keep re-creating that very thing.

I have this notion that desire is but the spark. The spark that gets the engine going within me to do something about that desire of mine. As with an engine, the sparks repeat and continue and the engine runs. The desire can lead to a number of continuous sparks, which find expression in dreams of that which I desire. If I am smart, I can let that which I desire become a vision, I can let that which I desire become a mental construct infused with emotional good vibes. I can make it as real as I possibly can, I can taste it, feel it, hear it, sense it, touch it. Such is the power of my imagination. Most folks dealing with conscious creation have heard of the law of attraction. This is one way to attract something and the actual mental construct is bringing that which we desire into our field of vision. Let's say, at that point it's hovering just outside of physical manifestation.

Often times, we keep dreaming thus, yet our desires still never fulfill, i.e. manifest. We still have the chance to "end our suffering" and exercise non-attachment, like the Buddhists recommend. That's one avenue. The step from visualizing and creating that which we desire to seeing it manifest is where most desires stay unmanifested. We humans haven't quite learned yet how to allow that which we desire into our reality. This is also a form of letting go of the attachment of the desire, it's however not abolishing the desire, it's allowing the desire to be part of who we are. This form of allowing is a passive thing and therefore rather difficult to "do". It is a state of mind that defies any restriction that we may have within. It is a state of mind that knows and aligns 100% with the incredibly beautiful being that we all are. We are Source, Source is Love, we are Love. When we are in this sort of alignment and able to hold it and allow it, when we are able to embrace this simple fact, our desires will manifest.

The attachment we have then let go of is that simple attachment to the illusion that we are limited beings. For unlimited we truly are and by allowing that unlimitedness to be our default state, the state of "normal", by allowing ourselves to be that spark of Source that we already are fully, we are in alignment with Source energy and when we are in alignment, well-being and the manifestation of anything we may desire is a given.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Thought Spirals

Being one who is quite eager for change, eager to drop the linear time-based, third dimensional thought processes in order to see them replaced by unity and harmony creating spiral thought forms, I find myself, alas, in a position where the linearity sometimes seems to find a back door and sneak back in to have another go at recreating that which was so interesting to me for so long. Sometimes, yes, it still happens probably to everyone (I'm assuming), these spiral thought forms, which are fueled by the heart, seem to be on vacation, or perhaps it has to do with server maintenance, BETA testing or some such.

The only explanation I have when I am reminded by wonderful helpers not to re-create something that seems "logical" in the linear fashion, but irrevocably will bring about that which I really don't want. I'm reminded to stop going down the well trodden tracks of logical thought patterns and defy them. I can do that quite readily, for in the logic of the greater picture, this all makes a lot of sense to me. However, I'm finding it still rather curious that there are moments when the linearity seems to take over still. Moving in and out of the old thought forms isn't that hard. It takes a bit of stubborn attitude and a certain amount of internal defiance. The refusal to keep thinking as I have thought before. Then it takes the intention to step into my heart center and let the balance that is automatically created there be the basis for any and all further thought patterns. These will then not be linear, but spiral when I imagine my thoughts. The thoughts pop up along the spiral light threads as dots of light and with that image I do see how related these individual thoughts are, but the pattern is not that of one thought strung linearly next to the following thought. Rather it's a dance of hopping from one thought to the next, seemingly without logic, just to find the whole thought form emerge in what makes total sense again. This way of creating thought patterns must by default bring about a different creation of reality than the linear chain of thoughts.

The one thing that I have to completely abandon is the idea that thoughts are bound to linearity, they are not. Frequently, lateral thinkers and people diagnosed with ADD for example, have this ability to think in spirals, but instead of giving in to these thought patterns forming all on their own, based on the thinker's heart energy, they compress that which is naturally wanting to assume a spiral shape into a linear form, in order to conform with what is thought of as "normal". It is quite possible that the old normal is going to fade away at some point and make way to a new normal and I bet a lot of folks will find relief from their mental "disorders", when they are actually allowed to let their thought patterns take flight along the spiral networks that have their root in the thinker's heart.

Knowing that every thought is a creative catalyst. Knowing that every thought pattern will create part of the fabric of reality, heart based thought spirals have a way of creating something new, whereas old fashioned linear strings of thoughts will re-create according to the logic and pattern of old. It comes literally down to a choice what kind of reality we wish to create for ourselves. There cannot be judgment as to how a person thinks. It is after all a world of free will choice. I for one am choosing heart based thought spirals.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fabrications, Drama and Illusions

I've noticed lately, that "problems" that have been created and aren't really a problem have a vibration that is akin to having an itch and not being able to scratch it. These drama-related little tid-bits seem to be brought to my attention at the most inconvenient hours and are so far fetched that my mind ceases to be able to support the stories these little "problems" are wrapped in.

Were they really something important, it would have a totally different feel and I'd be all ears overflow with compassion and never falter in being there for whoever brings the problem to my attention. In this little example lies a kernel of truth that has to do with the shift in my opinion. It just seems not possible any longer to entertain, support or prolong (through giving my energy to it) something that isn't really truth based. I dare say these fabricated stories are cover ups for some deeper issue and my sensory perceptions are all going haywire if they are being sold as "real" to me.

I think times are such that we are required to be as authentic as we possibly can and in turn we react to authentic things in a much different fashion as well. Fabrications, drama and cover-up stories, illusions so to speak just don't have a hold any longer and I feel unable to "buy into" them anymore, even though I do recognize their makings, sometimes see their deeper cause and most of all (humbly) recall having had my own share of them. However, in the experience of higher consciousness, of a thinner veil, we are required to stick to the truth as closely as we possibly can, for the illusions are but soap bubbles that will have no long term existence and can be as irritating as a buzzing insect, if we don't realize right away what we are dealing with.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wellbeing through Alignment with Source Energy

There are times when others speak of truth in a way that does not need to be re-written. Here a video by Abraham Hicks and Wayne Dyer for today's inspiration:

Friday, September 2, 2011

Naming the Truth

True, a truly peaceful human being will not encounter or live through battles of the will. He or she will be centered in a state of unconditional love and not falter even when in midst of attacks and chaos. I dare say, if all karmic entanglements are solved, there will not even be chaos. They reside in an enlightened state of clarity. Chaos is simply not a perception that is entering their field of vision.

This does not mean however, that around them chaos does not unfold. I do not declare states of enlightenment at this point, but my musings bring me to a place where I ponder things like how does one deal with never ceasing attacks that come from outside. It's all right and wonderful to be meek and peaceful.... wait! ... what does peaceful have to do with meek ? - Where did that notion slip in? ... Isn't is to that a peaceful person is perceived as one who offers the other cheek? You know in that 2000+ year old tradition that was once introduced? I do understand that sometimes, staying silent and offering that other cheek in full understanding that no matter how hard the "other" slaps that cheek, it will not alter who we are or what we stand for and there is actually nothing meek about this stance. It's a powerful stance that denies the very battle that is sought by the more aggressive party.

However, after having held still and been slapped, having then turned the cheek and having been slapped again etc, things do become somewhat tedious, even if we still hold steadfast and remain centered in our midst. I ponder further, what can be done at such an impasse, when the "other" just does not seem to "get it" and cease their aggression (or passive aggression for that matter). I have found a peaceful means that will in most cases solve such an impasse. It consist of simply stating the facts that have been gleaned from unprejudiced observation. I call this "naming the truth". By giving a voice to that which is unfolding without putting blame onto anyone in particular, without taking sides. Just like a narrative would explain what is being experienced. By naming the truth thus, a spell can be broken and the party so bent on being right, fighting for it and all of that stuff, will experience what naming the truth does.

I have said it before, truth has an energetic frequency that vibrates very closely to that of unconditional love. Naming the truth will bring the energy of that which is, into alignment. Illusions pop like soap bubbles and usually, the "aggressor" will experience something that could be compared with a calm, or a lull - the wind doesn't blow into the sails any longer, the boat is no longer sailing on its course of destruction. Sometimes naming the truth will stop someone dead in their tracks and that can sometimes restore peace quicker than turning the other cheek, which in my view at times can keep perpetuating the problem, as it gives opportunity and playing field to keep the aggression going.

Being peaceful within oneself, centered and balanced is still the most effective way to create an experience, a reality of peace, but sometimes, naming that which is occurring around us by its true name, without taking sides or judging, is necessary.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


The Surprises of the Universe would not be surprising if we knew what they were. Patience is your best bet when passing the time between now and their delivery. (The Elohim)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finding your Passion

Diversity is what strikes me most when I look at humanity. All it takes is a look around you to see how each and every person is intricately different from the next. The potential inherent in these many folks can be seen and it looks like a huge display of fireworks. It is however remarkable how very few have actually found their passion in life, when I think that each and every one incarnated here on Earth came with a passion, something they wanted to focus on and explore. We see those who are daring enough to follow their passion regardless of societal restraints and customs as heroes. We see them as saints or at the very least as gifted.

What humanity as a whole doesn't quite see nor understand, is that each and every soul incarnated here has the same sovereign right to tap into their personal passion and explore it. This is what makes incarnating into the Earth experience so sought after. The question remains as to why some people find their passion, whereas others are blind to it, or just can't seem to get in touch with their mission. There are a few possibilities here and although each story may look very different from the next, I bet there is a common denominator. Of course, I can only speak for myself. On my journey, I came with a very clear and distinct talent, a set of talents actually. I came with gifts and a very clear drive. I did not quite understand that drive, but it made me do things that I could not control. I do remember being 12 years old and the question at that age in Switzerland revolves around the path of education one should choose in order to "become" something or other. Career choice counseling was standard for every 6th grader. Had I known then to march in there and say: "OK, I love to dream, conjure up new realities, I'm a visionary, I speak with spirits and would like to fix what's wrong in people, so that they end up seeing their own beauty." I believe I would have seen quite some astonished faces. Quite possibly I would have ended up at a psychiatrist's office and my dear concerned parents (who were clueless as to who I really am) would have given me more than valium (which I was given at some point, so I would stop talking about the fairy world). Clearly, at 12, I was "smart" enough to keep that hidden. All I had managed to say was: I want to work with people". Ah...the face of the counselor had lit up with a knowing smile and he suggested I work in hotels. After all, that's where a lot of people can be found.  (Today, I could possibly see that I would have enjoyed "Career Counseling" much more than "Hotel Service"). There was that ominous sound of confirmation, a stamp thundered onto my file, case closed, counsel given. I ended up going to Hotel School. It was that quick and easy to miss the mark back in 1973.

After having enjoyed the people in hotels for a mere 2 years after my bachelor's degree, I understood that this just wasn't my scene. However, I had had ample time to practice languages and I had met an Italian "witch", one of my staff, who worked as a chamber maid and she introduced me to Astrology and Tarot (in Italian!) These pivotal moments in my early career make up for the counselor's ignorance and he is entirely forgiven for not seeing who I am or what my passion is. What I mean to say with my story here is, that even if you find yourself in a place where you know with all certainty, you don't really belong, there are things you will learn, people you will meet that do fit your path to finding your passion (mission) in life.

Following that episode, it took me 30 years, night school, long distance studies, 2 more degrees, immigration and creating a family that keeps me at home and does not want me to seek employment where just one talent (typing) is used, to finally come full circle to realize that my only passion in life is the very thing I had been so keen on as a pre-teen/teenager.

I think it is around age 14, where that magical number 7 doubles onto itself, when kids get in touch with their passion, their mission in life. I see many people who have made the same experience, that they find themselves back to where they were with their interests. Back at roughly the age of 14. Logic has it, that we can let review pass and travel back in our memories to see what we were enjoying most around that age, truly that which we wanted to do instead of going to school. I dare say, there is a great chance, it was in some form that which you came to explore here on Earth. The form may be different today, but the essence of what we loved so much is still the same.

I offer this information to those who yearn to re-connect with their mission/passion in life. Go back in time and sense the feelings and sensations that you had when you did what you loved most at age 14. Give it a go! When you identify that little grain of truth within you, you will find your heart opening in response. When that happens, you know you found the essence of your passion and you can then go about bringing it back into your life more and more until you are in full alignment with it. The form it may take today is most likely a bit different from what you did as a kid, but in essence it is the very thing you so loved doing. That's when you felt alive then and that's when you will feel alive again now.

It is my dream that more and more people find their passion. It takes courage to go about implementing it again into a life that has taken some twists and turns to anchor into a droning repetition of some motions that were deemed suitable by others, but never really resonated with who you are. It does take lots of courage at times to make changes, but in the end, the rewards will be enormous. Creativity, fulfillment, satisfaction, joy, inspiration, love for oneself, respect and integrity are but a few of these rewards.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lured by Drama and Fear

It is curious to see what the attachment is to fear. I see people who manage to realize that they are in a state of perpetual fear and I see them courageously step out of that state of fear, into a state of now and love and the fear dissipates. Then, just when I believe that things are steady, that person will express again from a point of fear. It is as if fear is the main focus. It is as if fear is where the most drama can be had. Of course, it is not a conscious choice to return to a state of fear, but isn't the sweetness of love much more preferable ? One would think so. Yet there is attachment to the bitterness and the shaky ground that is paved with fear.

Usually, people are reward based, so returning to a state of fear must give a greater reward than staying in a state of love. There must be some strange sort of pay-off that fear delivers and love does not.

I can only speculate here and coming from my past experiences, this pay-off is excitement, feeling alive. I felt most alive, when a drama would unfold. When centered in the love energy, drama falls away. It just simply becomes superfluous. Its fuel, fear, isn't available so drama becomes quickly an unsuitable expression for a person residing in their heart.

The question that remains is how to solicit an experience of feeling "alive" whilst being in the state of love. For those of us, who reside mainly in a point of love, the answer to this question is clear. Love is the base of all life and we do feel so very much more alive than when fears paralyzed us in the past. The love based experience is however really quite undramatic. Sensations of being alive are quiet ones. There is one other thing that helps very much with the adjustment of the new "alive" vs. the old "alive". What I am referring to is the heart based choices that lead a person to become fulfilled. These choices will lead one to one's passion and also mission in life and that is ultimately where we are at our best for feeling alive and vibrant.

In conclusion, I believe the old pathways of fear and drama will be chosen for as long as a person hasn't connected with their passion in life yet. I cannot imagine someone who is love based and experiences their passion on a daily basis to be lured in by fear again for the sole purpose to feel alive. In fact, I believe that the lure of drama becomes very ineffective and pales when compared to the power and enticing energy one's personal passion in life holds. I can also assume that for as long as a person returns to the old focal point of fear, they have not found their passion in life yet, or if they know what it might be, they haven't found a way to actively express themselves within their field of passion. Once they do, the lure of drama will become non-effective.

Monday, August 29, 2011


You will teach with absolute precision that which needs to be learned from you and it is most often not at all that which you think you should teach, nor that which you think others should learn. Trust that every human interaction, every exchange, unfolds in beautiful perfection and let go of the notion that there actually is something specific to teach.
Chapter 43 - "Life on the Leading Edge - A Traveling Companion" 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Change in Prophesy

I imagine sometimes a world, where everyone is fully understanding just how powerful their desires, thoughts, emotions are. Whole evolutionary scenarios have been changed and adjusted just because humankind pleaded for their fellow man. Armageddon, the "end of the world" (as we know it) was visioned to be rather intense. Scenarios of destruction and upheaval dominated almost every seer's visions. These visions have circulated for the greater part of the 1980s and 90s. Then, I believe it was around 2002, things suddenly changed. Earth took a different route and the visioned prophesies will now not come to pass.

When one deals with the future, things become vague at best, for free will choice is always here on Earth and mankind has full permission to change any plan the creator may have thought of. Some core topics that were part of the earlier visions and prophesies are still very much alive. Indigenous wise people have warned us humans to live closer to Mother Earth and most of all treasure, preserve and honor water, the life giving element. They have further admonished us to live in peace within our own families, and greater communities.

Just in our own small neighborhood, I remember moving here in 1998, where most front yards were manicured lawns with neatly weeded flower beds. Pretty, really, but somewhat unnatural. Now, 13 years later, the neighborhood has changed drastically, a great majority of the front yards feature vegetable gardens and raised beds. We had an empty lot on our street which is now a community garden, where people from our neighborhood gather and tend to quite a large organic garden. I see them peacefully sharing work and harvest, rain or shine. People are coming together. They are doing stuff that just 10 years ago they would not have dreamed of doing. Most of all, they don't mind if their front yard has some dandelions growing ...

The clutching hold of fear is lessening as we move along on our journey to the next dimension. It's an adventure that I treasure every single day. Yes, there are shifts on the planet, earthquakes, famines, droughts, floods and volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, to name a few. Most likely there are more than ever before recorded in the history of mankind. Yet, the disasters are not of the epic proportions that were prophesied and that is due to humanity's rapid awakening world wide. The increase of people opening their hearts, even if they will never call themselves "new ager" or "lightworker" or what have you. These people are the heros of the change in prophesy. They are the catalyst, the reason and the power behind the change of "plan".

Let's not forget that with every natural disaster there is an opportunity to remember that the folks in the midst of disasters, are just as much a part of us, as our next door neighbors, our families and let's at least send love and prayers, good vibes and good intentions out to the areas that are affected. We have seen a cylcone in Australia (Qld) change its course and make landfall in a far less populated area than was projected. We also have seen hurricane Irene drop from a category 2 to a category 1 hurricane. These natural forces are still doing their thing, but every single person who sends their wave of love and support will create an equally natural and strong force that will carry out their wish of minimizing the damage.

This is what ascension is all about. This is the expression of the changed prophesies, where people aren't just dropping off the face of the Earth by means of natural disasters. This is the new path that humanity has embarked on and it is a path where we practice and repeat our feats of dealing with natural disasters. This is the time when we learn to become one big community world wide. (One for All and All for One come's to mind here). This is the time when we can show our true light, the light of our hearts. It is the strongest force in the universe, the fabric of all existence that we are beginning to use consciously and create actual change with, against all foretold doom and gloom and I'm mighty proud of humanity for that.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Embrace the Inevitable

In the ascension process, there is a phase that each person on the conscious trail will encounter at some point. The moment I'm talking about is when it becomes obvious, that the faith that was propelling one along the path takes on a new meaning.

Usually, albeit not in all cases, there is a notion that the Divine energies are outside of the human experience and that in order to ascend we have to become really good humans. Of course I don't want to step on anyone's faithful toes here, but at some point comes the time, when a realization will occur, that there is no divinity outside of our existence.

No, I'm not an atheist, even if this last statement could be misconstrued as such. Let me explain! - The notion that divinity resides outside the human experience is a notion that belongs into the experience of duality. There is the divine and then the not-so-divine - there is God and then there is the human being. Things are separated and understood by contemplation of one thing vs. the other. Such is the very nature of polarity and it is naturally so in the 3rd dimension. It isn't bad, nor is it it good - it just is.

When one steps from the 3rd dimensional experience into the higher levels of consciousness, there comes a moment, when the 3rd dimensional understanding of the experience begins to morph. The experience of seeing divine beings, or God outside oneself begins to lose it's fascination. There is finally the moment, when the epiphany will hit, that there is no separation, that we mere mortals are all (very divine) sparks of this One big (divine) entity. If we are faithful people, believing in divinity, we begin to realize that we can just as easily place faith in ourselves and that we are fully empowered to have this faith placed in us (by us). The notion of a deity that resides outside of our selves, our hearts, becomes almost unfathomable. When this happens, we can observe, that the acceptance of our own divinity is growing more and more, until we embrace the inevitable truth  fully. When we enter this moment, we are able to transcend the illusion that there was an "out there" in the first place. It's all inside and we are "IT".